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About Us

Baker+ is a streaming platform dedicated feature films and series created in computer games including, but not limited to Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V and Hytale. Our goal is to provide a platform for small and big creators to showcase their project on and not get lost in the masses of well-known platforms like YouTube, that aren’t focused on Machinimas. Therefore, it is hard to reach a following solely with machinimas, which is why Baker+ offers a place for a more specialized exposure for machinima creators.

At this time, the use of Baker+ is free of charge and has no subscription model. One is required to create an account to watch content on Baker+, however, the creation of an account does not require any form of payment or credit card information.

Members will have the option to subscribe (free of charge) to their favorite creator channels via the website. Subscribed members will get notified of new uploads.

Baker+ will release new blog posts every Monday (#BlogMonday) about current topics in the machinima community or about upcoming shows and movies that will release on Baker+. Furthermore, the Blog will contain interviews with creators of known shows and show exclusive insights into the makings and behind the scenes of your favorite machinima.