Two Years Of Streaming Machinimas

Two Years Of Streaming Machinimas

It has been a ride. Sometimes steep as a hill, sometimes flat as the flat earthers think the earth is. Two years ago, Baker+ launched its first somewhat stable version of the streaming service. We launched with roughly 40 machinimas with more on the way. Since then, we have continuously improved and added to our service.

The idea was to create a platform, where high-quality machinimas can be displayed to the very audience that seeks them. Other platforms often had the issue that machinimas weren’t the right content for their algorithm and thereby were drowning under the sheer masses of videos. With Baker+, we offered a solution that many took us up on. Over the last two years, we grew exponentially. While we expected that the growth is going to be slow, it was as steady as it was reliable. Over a span of 30 days, we have a little over 6.3k unique visitors and over 161k total requests. This makes us the leading streaming service for machinima movies, series and documentaries (yes, eventually we will have those, too!).

“2 years? It’s unbelievable, how incredibly fast time flies. I can still remember when the platform launched. I thought then, just like now, that Fabian’s idea was such a nice one to create a safe place for machinimas – the kind of films that shaped my youth. So I really wanted to be a part of it and produce a Baker+ Original, not just because Fabian is a friend of mine, but because I believe in this idea of ​​Baker+ and want to support the site. Working with the team on ABFAHRT, MALAIKA and now ABFAHRT 2 has been wonderful. They always got your back, provide important resources and services that I couldn’t manage on my own. We associate a lot of solidarity with Baker+ and would like it to continue to grow and get more people on board to show those out there that machinimas are worth watching. Happy Birthday to the whole Baker+ team!”

Louis Angerer, Creative Director ARCEE Studios

While our content is pre-dominantly Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V, we have expanded into other games like Star Citizen and Halo and we are looking to include other games and genres as well. As always, we are open to your submissions. Feel free to check out our Creator Page, where you will find more information about our distribution process.

May 28, 2021. A date very special to us. This is when our first Baker+ Original aired. In a cooperation with VZ Cinema, we produced a feature length action film. “After a tragic kidnapping leaves him broken and alone, a former criminal “fixer” must journey into the sinister underbelly of Los Angeles in order to rescue his lover and find answers. It isn’t long before he finds himself submerged and lost in a surreal odyssey of murder, deception, and unforgiving brutality.Outrun is action-packed while also having an emotional and dramatic side. The protagonist Desmond needs to overcome challenges to achieve the freedom with his girlfriend that he seeks.

September 17, 2021. A day for comedy as much as for action. ABFAHRT aired on our streaming service that day. ARCEE Studios’ fun adventure of a chaotic group redefined standards for minecraft machinimas. To this day, it is still one of the most qualitative works on Baker+. We are very proud to call this a Baker+ Original and are happy to be working on Episode 2, together with Louis Angerer and ARCEE Studios. “ABFAHRT tells the story of a German Elite Unit called ‘The Stammtisch’. Often referred to as clowns, the mission they’ve been charged with is to infiltrate the enemy base and collect as much information as possible. Sounds easy right?”.

May 27, 2022. The day we remember as the day for its re-release of MALAIKA. A beautiful story of a brother and a sister. “A dramatic and compelling story about a young girl and her older brother, who is enlisted in the military and is deployed to a mission that separates him for a long time from his sister. Even longer than everyone anticipated…” Another entrapping story of the mind of visionary director Louis Angerer. Baker+ helped to bring it to an international audience by recasting it with english-speaking talents.

October 7, 2022. A day now known as Baker+ Day. This is where we celebrate machinimas and special events all around Baker+. On this day, we announced the sequels to Outrun called Outrun 2: The Syndicate and the long-awaited sequel to our award-winning movie Abfahrt. Abfahrt: Episode 2 is currently in production.

“Baker+ is the de facto platform for machinima, bringing creators from all around the world together in appreciation for machinima related content. On behalf of AREON Pictures, I want to congratulate the ongoing progress and growth of Baker+ and am looking forward to bring more exciting movies to the plattform in the future.”

Florian Torgau, AREON Pictures Head Management

We are very happy to be working together with the brightest minds in the machinima community and are very eager to see what the future brings to Baker+ and the machinima community as a whole. We have a lot to offer. Wait until the time comes.

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